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Gunter Roofing’s RoofStats is our latest innovation to keep our customers as our top priority.

Our service technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of roof repairs. Gunter Roofing believes that service work/leak calls should be performed by trained employees that specialize in troubleshooting water problems and roof issues. Therefore, our service crews perform service work exclusively and are trained in that mindset. The correct material is stocked in each truck to ensure proper material is being used per manufacturer requirements. Gunter Roofing knows that reroofing is not always the best economic option so while we will install a reroof when the budget allows we also are glad to troubleshoot all roof related issues striving to extend the life cycle of your existing roof system , therefore saving you money by not having to replace your roof prematurely.

RoofStats customers will be provided with a Gunter Roofing RoofStats Username and Password (web-based) at NO charge. The RoofStats Management Portfolio houses customer facility information electronically in a cloud based program which allows clients access to;

(1) Review current roofing project information.
(2) Review the history regarding each roof's cost for leaks and preventative maintenance.
(3) Develop future budgeting programs.
(4) Organize roofing expenditures based upon life expectancy of the roof and warranty information.
(5) Report roof leaks or other roofing needs electronically.
(6) View invoices and photos of each repair and preventative maintenance project with a click of a button.